Underground Utility Installation

Underground Utility Installation

There are many different types of utilities that get buried during a project, electrical, sewer lines, potable water lines, stormwater pipes, gas lines etc. The order in which these get buried, the documentation of how they are buried, and the material they are buried in, is vitally important and can often impact whether the conditions of a building permit are met. Coordinating with other contractors, such as plumbers and electricians, and remaining flexible and organized, is important and something we pride ourselves on at All Terrain Excavating.

With the introduction and popularity of electric vehicles, many homes today need upgrades to their basic 100 amp service which often requires installing a larger electrical conduit in the ground. Who you choose to do your digging, makes a difference because Excavation plays a pivotal role in preparing the ground for the installation of electrical utilities, ensuring that power is safely and efficiently.

From the trenching to the final finish work, the project has to be coordinated carefully with the utility provider, electrician & the excavating contractor.

Proper trenching is crucial to prevent accidental damage to electrical lines and to facilitate easy access for maintenance and repairs. All Terrain Excavating uses specialized equipment and tools to excavate the trenches with precision, considering factors such as the terrain, soil conditions, and any potential obstacles like rocks or tree roots. We also work closely with the electrical utility provider to ensure that the trenches are correctly positioned and meet the necessary specifications.

The final project begins with the expertise and precision of All Terrain Excavating.

A well-executed installation is crucial for reliable electricity service in a new home.

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