Foundations, Installed Correctly

A concrete foundation for your building is the backbone of the structure. No matter how good the carpentry or electrical is, if it’s sitting on a poor foundation there will be issues. Vermont is one of the more demanding environments for a foundation to survive in, as we have significant frost during winter, lots of ground water, and a wide variety of topography and soils.

Fixing foundations after the fact is expensive and usually involves lots of compromises. At All Terrain Excavating we want to make sure the site work provides the best possible environment for your foundation to work in.

Sometimes an Engineer or an Architect will have drawn the design and elevations but on smaller residential projects it’s not uncommon for the site work company to be the adviser to the home owner on all the foundation details. To avoid issues in the future the following must be considered:

    • Final elevation of slab
    • Height of frost wall
    • Does the foundation need a footing drain
    • Are the correct materials being used for backfill & underslab
    • Does the property need any perimeter drains
    • Where will drains daylight or drain to
    • What penetrations do the frost walls need
    • Should any plumbing go in the slab

If you are a homeowner we’re happy to help you with the process.

If you are a Home Builder or General Contractor let us partner with you on projects. We realize we are frequently the first contractor the customer sees and the last when we tidy the drive & the lawn when everyone else is gone so we want to make a great impression not only for ourselves but you as well.

Failing to properly plan a foundation installation will leave foundations in our area cracking, and leaking, over time.

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