Residential Sitework Contractor

     All Terrain Excavating enjoys residential sitework for homeowners because these projects often provide an immediate benefit for the family. While we do the normal jobs like repairing a seeping leach field, or replacing a septic tank, we also repair driveways, and level ground for more yard space.

Sitework for General Contractors & Home Builders

     Do you need an experienced sitework subcontractor that shows up on time, keeps a clean job site, that also produces estimates you can depend on? From single family homes, to developments, and commercial sites, you can count on All Terrain Excavating. Contact us for an estimate and we’ll demonstrate how accurate we estimate our jobs, and the precision with which we work.

Commercial Sitework

     Hire All Terrain Excavating for your commercial sitework needs. Our experienced operators work hard to install retaining walls, repair sewer and water lines, install underground utilities, and more, while our Vermont seasons allow us to. Contact us today for the best availability! 

Our Sitework Services:

     “Sitework” is the part of the construction project that is not a part of the building or homes physical structure. Select from one of the many services we provide below or, contact us to discuss a custom project that you have in mind. The All Terrain Excavating team excels in accessing hard to reach places and performing work in challenging environments. Contact us to make sure you’ve got the right team, on your jobsite.


     Foundations are the start and base of construction projects. Making sure they are set in the right place and at the right elevation is key to creating long lasting dry floors and basement areas. A foundation is no place to skimp on materials or to use the wrong materials. At All Terrain Excavating we believe there is only one way to do a job, and that is the correct way, using the right materials. Our detailed estimates outline what material will be used, where, and how much. No ambiguity.

Driveway Construction

     To minimize the long term maintenance, a driveway needs proper construction with the correct materials. Even if it will be finished with asphalt, the base layers must be correctly constructed with road fabric, rock, and gravel. The native soil should be removed to the point where there aren’t organics & the sub soil is very solid. Grading and ditching will avoid frost heaves, pot holes, ice flows, and future wash outs. All Terrain Excavating’s transparent & accurate estimates let you know exactly what you are getting and the quantity and type of materials used.

Utility Installation

     There are many different types of utilities that get buried during a project, electrical, sewer lines, potable water lines, stormwater pipes, gas lines etc. The order in which these get buried, the documentation of how they are buried, and the material they are buried in, is vitally important and can often impact whether the conditions of a building permit are met. Coordinating with other contractors, such as plumbers and electricians, and remaining flexible and organized, is important and something we pride ourselves on at All Terrain Excavating.

Ledge & Rock Removal

     Vermont is full of ledge, rock, and large boulders. We constantly encounter it on the wide variety of jobs we do. Even a really large boulder can be a problem. Just because you have a big enough machine on site to take it out doesn’t mean it should come out in one piece, doing so can make a mess, and where do you put it afterwards can become a challenge. All Terrain Excavating has excavator mounted hammers to break up rock and ledge, and we work with blasting contractors when necessary.

Land Clearing

     Do you have a plot of land you intend to build on, create more yard space, or install a driveway? All Terrain Excavating will clear the lot, clean up all the trees and branches, stump the area, and prep for the next phase of construction. Working with the land owner or developer, All Terrain Excavating can be selective in the cutting to save trees that can be valuable to the property after construction. Avoiding unnecessary soil disturbance and mess can save money & retain some of the natural land scape.

Lawn Installation

     There’s more to building a lawn than just throwing down grass seed. It is important to assess the soil type and consider drainage, or lack of drainage. Grass will not grow from seed it the soil is too dry or too wet. Water shouldn’t pool up in places, or run off too quickly in others. Before the top soil goes down, the grade and drainage should be correct. Using top soil to correct grade is not economical. All Terrain Excavating can build you a lawn that meets your needs, and enhances your property.


     Stormwater needs to be considered in all projects, whether they encompass a stormwater permit or not. Anytime an impervious surface is created the runoff water has be directed somewhere. If there isn’t a plan, it will probably end up in the wrong place causing erosion or a wet foundation. Permits generally require building a stormwater retention pond or a gravel wetland. All Terrain Excavating has extensive experience building these devices and can handle your next project.


     Drainage is a very important part of reworking any site. Drainage can be achieved with grading, laying pipe & culverts, ditching, or rock filled trenches. It is very important that drainage is installed when necessary because taking short cuts can lead to frost damage, wet foundations and erosion amongst other issues. Frequently, the drainage and elevations are not correct from the start of the project, making it difficult & expensive to correct afterwards. We want to save you this frustration.


     Frequently when a project is started there is an old structure giving way for the new. All Terrain Excavating will handle the demolition of the old structure & infrastructure. Depending on the size and quality of the demolition debris we’ll calculate and advise on the best method for removing it. Many times we can truck the debris out for less than it costs to fill roll off containers from the local trash hauler. We’re will you ever step of the way.

Hard to Reach Jobs

     All Terrain Excavating has built miles of trail on steep slopes and rough terrain. We have the equipment and the techniques to build in arduous terrain, and to transport materials to remote job sites. Whether it’s a cell phone tower, power line, or a remote cabin, our expertise will make your project quicker & more cost effective. In certain circumstances materials and equipment can be transported ahead of time on a snow road, when the ground is frozen, to avoid impact to sensitive environments. With our Pisten Bully Snowcat there are few places we can’t build a snow road and transport materials.

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